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Is your brain ok?

I used to think that my muscles were actually burning whenever I got tired.

And I thought the easy solution was to strengthen my muscles.

But what I’ve realized is that it’s actually your brain that gets tired.

It’s not your muscles, because really, you can keep going.

Your brain tells you, I’m tired. Let’s stop.

But your muscles keep going. So it's a mind trick.

So when the pressure is hitting and you’re feeling that burn, it's not your muscles telling you to stop.

It's your brain telling you to stop.

And the brain controls everything.

So some of you in your life, times get hard and you're telling yourself, you got to stop, you gotta quit.

Your body is made to take on pain. It’s made to take on pressure.

It’s your brain that’s telling you to stop, and that’s why you’re giving up.

That’s the muscle you got to work.

So how do you train your brain?

Choose an activity. And no matter what it is, make sure it follows three guidelines.

It’s got to be challenging. Choosing a new activity engages your brain to learn something new, with the infinite possibility of improvement.

It’s got to be complex. You got to force your brain to work on a specific thought process, like problem solving or creative thinking.

You got to practice. Practice makes permanent, and that goes for brain function, too.

Once you learn how to train your brain, you’ll be able to tell your brain to keep going.

Your body will listen to you and your body will keep going.

So remember when times get hard, it’s not your actual body getting tired.

It’s your brain getting tired.

So shift your training focus now. Invest in your mind and the rewards will follow.


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