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Are YOU ready?!

In this week’s #MillionaireMoments, we discussed chapter 7, "The Ride" from my book. I discussed how important EXPOSURE is while going after your dreams. You never know when the next door of opportunity is going to open, so you need to STAY READY!


  • Put more value on exposure. You have to go after exposure! Every single day! It will change your life.

  • Everything you have learned, you have to unlearn. The way we unlearn is by being exposed to a new idea.

  • Most importantly, your level of exposure will determine your level of success.

  • You need to STAY READY, because you don’t know what opportunities are going to come your way.


  1. What exposure are you getting in your life?

  2. What are you doing right now to stretch your mind?

  3. Who are you learning from?

  4. Are you ready for the next door of opportunity?

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