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Are you tired of being a spectator and watching others' success? WATCH THIS VIDEO!!

In this week’s #MillionaireMoments, I went over chapter 8, “What Success Feels Like” from my book, 9 to 5 Millionaire. I discussed the steps on how to lay your foundation so that you can also experience success. If you’re tired of watching from a spectator's view and watching other peoples' success, then this is FOR YOU!


  • You can change your future by being aware of your present!

  • Stop viewing success from a spectator's view and start viewing it from a player’s perspective.

  • Write the vision and make it plain, so that others can run with it.

  • Every time you educate yourself, there is GROWTH that is happening inside of you.

  • Steps to laying your foundation:

    1. Decide what you want first.

    2. Get exposed to the things you want.

    3. Make the exposure personal.

    4. Internalize the feeling and take steps to make it permanent.


  • What does success feel like to you?

  • What is the next step you need to take in laying your foundation?

  • What do you need to be exposed to?



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