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Becoming a Fortune Teller for Generational Wealth

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

You need to start becoming a fortune teller!!

The past Jemal, the Jemal in his 20's created everything current Jemal has right now!

I had a vision on how much money I wanted to make when I was 40, I had a vision on how I wanted my health to be, the health and wealth of my children who didn't even exist!

I had a vision for my wife, everything that the 20-year-old Jemal had a vision for is now living proof of it now.

So right now write every vision you have, remind yourself of it, become apart of it. Truly indulge in this vision. Because future you will thank you for it.

Write down everything you want, and be specific!!!

I have this thing called 222 that's how much I weighed at 22 years old, That's the goal I had for my health! So every day I get up and I work towards that goal.

I have people say to me "you're too serious in the gym", "you don't have to work out, you can afford to miss a workout". The Jemal at 50 years old needs me to work right now!

I'm not working out right now because the 40-year-old Jemal needs it, I'm working out so that the 50 years of Jemal need it!

Because things happen, as you get older your health can go and you need to rely on your past self!

I became a fortune teller, I'm helping that person out!

I need you to become a fortune teller! Help future you, financially, give yourself some options. You don't have to live check to check

I have real estate... To not only give me the option but to give my children options, to give my great-grandchildren options right now.

My kids will need my help!! I can't be selfish here, I need to say to myself "I have the house I have the car, I have everything I need" I can help out my grandchildren my family.

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