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How to Know if You're in the Hole, and How to Get Out

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Crazy times right now! Filled with uncertainty, no travel, everyone told to stay inside! While this time is filled with uncertainty maybe this is the perfect opportunity to make things a little more certain in your life.

Being lazy at work isn't awesome, it's just wasting time! I was on $36,000 a year and some of the people I worked with used to sleep on the job, get some food or doughnuts all while they were supposed to be working. They thought it was awesome, by doing this they weren't being productive, they were going on Facebook, sleeping at work, doing anything to pass the time. I never understood it, how does that help you get ahead in life!

If you're going to Dunkin doughnuts every day or getting something sweet you start to see it do something to their bodies too!

They weren't healthy people and they thought it was awesome. It wasn't doing anything for them, or for their future.

I saw a lot of people just wasting time in the hole. I used to sit there and think, is this really my life? Is this all I have to offer to the communities? I can't be doing this for 20 years! I knew I wanted something more for my family, I've always wanted more! I knew that I was never going to get there by sitting doing nothing about it!

Letting time waste me and my opportunities away!

I sat at home and I thought, what can I do to change this? So I started looking into real estate, I knew that Real estate could be an outlet that could create a passive income for me and my family. This would build life security for them.

I was in the hole and I needed a way to figure out how to get out of it, I made it my goal that instead of sitting in front of the tv I would write a way to make me successful, I put in the time and studies hard, and researched so that my business plan would be foolproof, I knew that this was how I was going to start to get where I wanted to be.

I noticed that a lot of people had things to say about Chicago, the place was known for having a lot of abandoned buildings, it was so bad that it was a place that community meetings were held constantly due to this crisis. Politicians would always discuss it! That's when I created my plan, I was going to purchase an abandoned building and turn it into a daycare centre for the children in the community.

I thought perfect! A way to bring up the community while still having the ability to enjoy the passive income that comes with it.

Right now I know most of you would be in a hole, and I advise you while you're locked in your house this should be the perfect time to create a process to get you out of it! Where not talking about job security, I'm talking about life security! It's not about 10 years from now, it's about what you're going to do today so you can be financially free in 10 years!

To look back and think... Look at what I've achieved! Look at what I've done for my name, my families name!

Write down your steps to get you out of the hole, you need to be specific with your outcomes and intentions and put it into action! There's no point in creating your plan, and never putting it into action. I have never seen anyone on their death bed say I wish I had more money... They always say they wish they had more time! Stop wasting it in the hole, get out of it so that you can spend more time doing the things you really want to be doing.

Let's go!!

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