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Secret to Success Podcast - My First Ever Book

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The Big Announcement!!!

On this week's secrets to success podcast, we discussed the official publication of my first ever book!!

Every time I think about this book, it has been humbling for me, every time I read the book, I realise that this book is the hybrid ...

This book is my life, my story, but it has principles, principles I hope you can apply to your life, to this book and come take a ride with me!

This book is about how I grew up in a blue-collar family; I created a vehicle, (which was football) to get me to where I wanted to be, there always has to be a goal to get you there!

My destination was always to become a millionaire! I needed to find something that would get me there; I needed a step by step guide on what needed to do to make it possible for me.

I spent so much time asking what principles do I have? If I were at the start of my journey again.. what steps would I give to others to get them to where they want to be!

That's exactly what I've done! I have created this book for the 99%!!!

To teach you all how I transitioned to the 1% and how you can too!

I thought to myself; I have to go back and get my own people, to help them get there! That's what this book is all about!!

I started off as a blue-collar worker, and now I'm apart of the 1% it's possible!! I noticed that society says the blue-collar are meek and humble and that you can't have this kind of life and still be that?? That doesn't make sense to me!

But then society says the 1% can't have these type of values... and that they are evil and greedy? And you can't have the same work ethic is 9 to 5?

I wanted to tie the two together!! For everyone who wants to Make Real Estate REAL!

This book is all about how you can be a millionaire and still be apart of the blue-collar!

This book will give you the principles and the step by step on how to get there

I don't believe anything is really special about my story. I never thought it was anything special.

It's important to me that you check your circle because sometimes the people next to you see greatness in you that you might not really see in yourself.

My friend sat there every day on the phone with me, and he helped me write this book, fill out my life.

Jemal King 👑 💪🏾💪🏾 Let's go!

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