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Secret to Success Podcast S2S 251

On this week of Secret 2 Success Podcast

Enduring for Success

I believe that people have the power to be who they want to be! You don't have to be your past, you don't have to be your peers or your parents. You can decide what type of life you want to live!

Let me tell you, I still believe Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever but one thing I also believe is Lebron James is the best at displaying the most endurance that basketball has ever seen! Endurance is the power of enduring, it's giving power in the process without giving way!

He has been playing Basketball for 17 years, think about the things that happen in 17 years, he could have had head injuries, something happened to his children, a family or friend may have passed away... He always played like nothing ever went wrong in his life!

I've noticed that once people get a little success in life they want to show it off straight away, that they have done something or achieved something that someone hasn't done yet. They show it and push it! That's not endurance.

It's about the endurance factor at that point, people you should train your physical endurance the same way you train your mental endurance,

Mental endurance is the thing that will bring you the most success, you have to start living like no one else lives!

Most people work a 9-5, if you want to be different and do different start waking up at 5 am and becoming disciplined!

Become disciplined enough so that you create the mental endurance so powering that you make something truly meaningful happen in your life.

Once I kept going I show to others that I am a symbol of possibilities...

Think about the number of people that come by your house and look at your house and think, wow! When people see you, they see god, you might be the only god they see in their life!

Everything you see In the next 20 years is what you see from the past 20 years that I have done for me!

I have heard once before about the Chinese bamboo tree...

You plant the seed, but the plant doesn't grow until 5-6 years later, You have to keep watering this tree, you have to keep putting sunlight on it

and if you stop the process, the seed dies... If you keep feeding and watering the seed, that tree grows 90 feet in the year.

The thing is people will see that tree and think that it grew that tall in the year when it's been growing in the past 5-6 years

Once you start investing you are already on the road to growth, you can't see it but the benefits are life-changing once you do, I always remind people that you need to keep watering your life!

Keep fertilizing it and making sure it gets enough sunlight, in the meantime you will notice that weeds grow, dandelions grow quicker even though you have put in all this effort... You need to remember that there isn't any value in that weed!

When you take your time to fertilize your life, keeping watering it, putting your heart and soul into something, that thing will be stronger and tougher than anything around. no one can pull you out of the ground, you have had the chance to build something seriously great.

Get rid of that instant situation where you think success happens overnight, keep watering your life! Take time and establish principles on the way!

But ain't no one going to take out your life once you have build something, no one can take it out of your hand, it won't be easy!

Let me encourage you to stay endured to your goals, visions and hope!

Jemal 👑

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