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Are you Having Trouble Getting Started in Real Estate?

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

We have you covered!!

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Are you struggling to get started in real estate? Are you struggling with bad credit or finding enough money for a down payment? You don't need those things! Having the right knowledge is the number 1 key to be successful in real estate investing!

You know how many people I know that started in real estate with no money but had the right information?

They become a professional and a master at it.

People always bought into them!

People invested in them, so YOU don't have to use your credit all the time.

You don't have to utilize the money you have or lack of in the bank, get you to where you want to be.

If you have the knowledge, you can get started! And a lot of people will miss out on this opportunity because they believe they need good credit and a large sum of money!!

In saying this, though, credit is essential if you want to invest by yourself, it is crucial when you want to move to other areas of real estate investing.

That way you can stop borrowing money from people!

If you have the knowledge people will invest in you, I want to be clear when I say this.

I wasn't a millionaire when I first started, I was a police officer, but yet people invested in me! Whether it was my hard money lender, my brother, sister, any family members! They all invested in me!!

People invested in me because they believed in me; they could see how excited I was when I wanted to invest in real estate!

They could see how much knowledge I had about real estate! That's the difference!

That's what it's all about, to all the people that say "I don't have the money... I don't have the credit...." This one's for you!

Give me something you do have!! People don't care about what you can't bring them they care about what you can offer, what you have that makes the team unbeatable.

You need to stop being so harsh on yourself!

Stop saying what you don't have and let's start talking about what you do have!!

Knowledge is one of the most valuable things you can have!

Let me encourage you to get the right information, reach out to like-minded people who think the same as you do!

Go on YouTube, Google, even binge watch my Instagram, get the right information!

Once people believe in you, then they will start investing in you.

No one will start believing in you until you start believing in you, once you start getting the information and you are confident enough you will be successful in real estate investing!

Money won't just appear in your bank account; your credit score isn't going to get better

unless you get the information on how to fix your credit.

Learn how to start budgeting and saving so you have enough money for a down payment.

That's the best advice I could give to someone who is struggling with how to get started!

Jemal 👑 Let's go!

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