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The Biggest Barrier for the Working Class

I've seen this over the years and what usually stops the working class from being successful is not REAL. It's illusory... It's that fear... The working-class view investing as false evidence that appears real.

The 9 to 5 are creatures of habit and creatures of exposure, its understandable because the moment you are born the first 21 years of your life are spent close to your parents, observing what they do! In those 20 years, you build habits, habits that can become so permanently instilled in your day to day routine.

You see from a young age, you see your parents do certain things such as working every day, not really saving money, not really able to save money and only just having enough to live for the basic... Not really doing the things they were destined to do. It seems pretty normal that your children would pick up the same habits.

Over time you start believing this is the way life is, the only option! So you start thinking in your head, that this is the only way. It's crazy though because you love your parents, you respect them so much, but they did it this way so ill do it this way also.

That's the mentality!!

Even though you already know where that mindset and lifestyle go! You've seen it, first hand.

That fear that you get when you work every day, and you finally have had the ability to save even a small amount. It becomes so special to you because you worked so hard for it!

It becomes hard to give up! I get it, it's taken you so long to save and it will take you even longer to save that same amount again!

You need to remember that investing is just moving money from one bank account into another...

One that makes you a passive income as well as appreciation and equity!

I've seen the way the middle-class people think! I understand why they believe there is no other life other than to work a 9 to 5 your whole life. Why do they think like this?? BECAUSE THE WHOLE COMMUNITY THINKS THIS WAY TOO.

People believe they have to work overtime to get more money, to save more money.

Once you learn how easy is it, and when you realise you could have been doing this your whole life! That's when your life becomes a lie. if you didn't know that you could have made money another way!

Fear is what stops you, that same fear could have held me back... Imagine where I would be? 90% of everything I have and my children have would not exist if I had let the fear control the avenues and legacy my life was destined to be!

This is all about the mindset, there is no longer an excuse, you can't use how you were raised as an excuse, that's why we create the blueprint for you, to ease that excuse!

You don't have to be born into money! I wasn't born into money!

Most of the people teaching you these things were born into money, that's what makes us different here! We know what it's like to be born and stuck in the middle-class! Don't get caught in the rate race!

Let go!!!

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