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The secret to selling your properties fast...

Want to know the quickest way to sell your properties?! “THE WOW FACTORS!” Right when someone walks into your property, these are things that a buyer needs to notice immediately. This will help your property sell quickly and separate your property from others on the block! Here are some examples of WOW FACTORS that I’ve done to my properties: 1. Move the staircase so it’s accessible upon entry. 2. Add wainscoting to the walls. This is a type of paneling used in older homes and differentiates your home from others. 3. Create an open concept in the home, so it's easier for entertaining. Make sure the rooms aren’t sectioned off from each other. 4. Update the light fixtures! Make sure they all flow and tie together throughout the home. 5. Add a peninsula in your kitchen, so when you’re entertaining it adds to the open concept. 6. Create a master suite! If needed, add another bathroom and strategically place the eye catching updates. Remember, IDENTIFY the RIGHT INVESTMENT in the RIGHT COMMUNITY on the RIGHT BLOCK! Take the property, give it your vision and CREATE THE WOW FACTOR!! You don’t need a lot of money to start INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE, all you need is a lot of VISION! Click the image below to see the house that I added these WOW FACTORS to! Jemal King

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