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Does your Life Fit in a Box?

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

So after 20 years of working with the Chicago police department, my whole 20-year career is summed up in a box, I'm telling you...You have to make your future a priority, you have to go after it no matter what it is, you have to go after it as if your life depends on it.

Because the truth is... it does...

I've seen thousands of people be apart of the Chicago police, they come into this position, work 20 years and in the end... All their work for the past 20 years is summed up in a box.

But thank god, thank god, I've got something else going on. Thank god that Jemal of the past, set up the Jemal of the future!!

I'm in a position where I can walk away with my face up smiling, I can walk away with my head up because I've got something greater waiting for me. This is the easiest transition ever, it has taken time and dedication but it's still real! I've made something real!

Hear my heart! Go after whatever your goal is from the start, don't wait until it's over until you've spent 20 years in the same career, time just goes something you look back and think, where did those 20 years go... Because when its over... it's over.

I'm 42 right now and I'm about to retire with 20 years on the job. I'm telling you, it doesn't just happen, I've positioned myself for this day! But it's possible if you have the plan, the mindset, I can give you the tools to get yourself there!

It's never too late to start!

Today I'm leaving my office, with a box. I've never been happier with myself! I am thankful that I made the decision to change something in my life!!

It's up to you now! it's up to you to do the same thing.

Its day one of my new life!

Let's go Jemal King

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