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What are you doing about your pillars today?

Faith. Family. Fitness. Finance. Freedom.

My Five Pillars!

And now, I need you to pause.

Take a look at where you are in life. Consider your current aspirations or values.

Everyone has different priorities and milestones they want to accomplish.

We call these goals our pillars of life.

When imagining a pillar, you might picture structures that hold up a house or make up a grand entryway for a building. The pillars of life can be thought of similarly. They are foundations that exist to guide us and give us stability. If you feel uncertain about the future, it’s cos you ain't striving to build your own five pillars of life.

Mine.....Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance and Freedom.

I pour into them every single day, and you should be doing this too.

Don't focus on just one thing.

I don't ever focus on just one area of my life because all five are important y’all.

What good is it if you’re making money but your health is not together?

You guys gotta understand, everything that you do today will show itself in your future.

The action you're taking right now is for your future.

You are actually building the type of life you want to have. You are building the type of body that you want.

Somebody doesn’t just wake up one day and all of a sudden get sick in their body, or get diabetes or whatever. It’s something that happens over time.

So I’m telling y’all.

Start practising doing the right things. You don’t just wake up broke overnight.

It’s something that you’ve been doing or not doing over time.

Y’all hear what I’m saying?

So right now, drop whatever it is you are doing, and have the conversation with yourself.

What are your pillars and what are you doing about them today?


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