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What are your 5 pillars?

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

I get asked a lot, how do you stay consistent in what you do? How do you stay determined? And what I tell them is I look towards the 5 pillars of life, I do this in time of comfort so that when troubles come up, I don't have to practice it, I don't have to get familiar with it, it's already familiar, its already become apart of me! So let's go!

These are not just something I practice, but my whole family practice them too! I made faith my first pillar, What's my core values? What's going to be your go-to? When times are great when times are wrong what will you go to? What will you turn to?

Obedience is more important than sacrifice, this isn't just about "oh I work out all the time" or "Oh I do this all the time". The bible talks about sacrifice all the time when I go through this want you to go through this too. A lot of people ask how is your faith so strong right now? even in times of trouble? I practice it, never stop practising your pillars.

Pillar number two, family family family, when I think about my family so many things come to my mind, I think about legacy, I think about how I'm setting up my family right now for a successful future. Every day you should be working towards setting up your family, setting them up in some kind of way, I invest in my children. Some people are more into their job or their business than they do into their family, and the thing about your family is the number 1 corporation that will ever belong to you. The name of your company is your last name! And it lasts a whole lot longer than any company. By working on the present I'm changing their future.

Pillar number 3, The next one is financing, how is it that you can have faith and family if you don't have your finance in order? You have to work daily towards bringing about your finances so that your family can get the full experience of life, I'm not just about money, I'm not about real estate, I don't really care about the properties I care about the purpose behind the properties, and the purpose is if we have the finances, we can do anything and everything that we want to do in life! and that's about it!

My fourth pillar is fitness! What's good about having a whole bunch of money if you don't have your fitness in check? If you're sick, you're not healthy, your fitness needs to be something! It should be just as important as brushing your teeth, something you don't have to think about. I will not walk out of my house before I go to the gym, granted you have a gym at your house, but I created that gym because that's apart of my routine. Take care of your psychical, you do not just doing this for you, you are doing this for the people watching you, how are they seeing you do it? My children see me like this, its exposure! I practice these pillars every single day. I stay committed to these. You have to have core values!

My past pillar is freedom, what are you doing this for? everything I am doing is for the freedom of my family, and when I talk about the family I don't just mean my immediate family but every single descendant that is going to come from me. see, some people go through life only able to do the things they can afford to do, I'm telling you that there are people out there doing whatever they want to do, what it is that they want to do, not what they can afford to do. When I was working as a police officer, I was only earning 36,000 a year and only going through life that I could afford, I can tell you, that's not living life. So every day I work towards breathing, I work towards my freedom.

So I encourage you, to set your values, keep working towards your pillars, you can use mine or you can set your own! But work towards something!

Something is always better than nothing, no matter how long the process takes, I believe in you!

Let's go!

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