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What do you want the FUTURE YOU to look like?!

In this week’s #MillionaireMoments, we discussed chapter 6, “One Stream Isn’t Enough” from my book. My beautiful wife, Camille, joined me to discuss how important it is to determine what you want your future life to look like and how to have multiple streams of income to make your dream life come true!


  • Don’t focus on buying properties, instead FOCUS ON BUYING PURPOSES.

  • You don't necessarily have to be passionate about your 9-5, but you need to be PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR PURPOSE and the FUTURE YOU.

  • Whatever it is you want to do, use real estate investing to do it. If you can have 2 properties, you can have 200 properties!

  • Always keep your spouse on their toes and continue to create new adventures together.


  1. What does the FUTURE YOU look like?

  2. What are your 10 year goals? 20 year goals? 30 year goals?

  3. What do you need to accomplish every year to get to your 10 year goal?

Click the image below to watch the replay!

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